A proactive and transparent administration of the project is fundamental for a successful leading of a Clinical Trial. In compliance with the regulation requirements , we will design an administration plan of the project, maintaining the time and expectations according to the budget.

The tasks of our project administration include:

  • Clear communication: Organizing project meetings providing frequent reports about the state project, being the central contact point between clients, team interns, Investigation Central Staff and Suppliers.
  • Meticulous Planification: Preparing rational project plans, with detail times, applying decisions based on dates obtained on the clients expectations.
  • Careful Administration: A quick and comprehensive answer to the clients concerns taking into account the specific-client guidelines and the existing regulatory requirements . The Immunoscience Project Managers are experienced, proactive and responsible for our client’s needs. We make optimum use of our equipment capacities to provide quality, reaching the goals in pre-established time, depending on their budget.